Spatial C++ Library
Generic Multi-Dimensional Containers and Spatial Operations
bits Directory Reference


file  spatial_assert.hpp [code]
 Provide a smiliar functionality than cassert, except that SPATIAL_ENABLE_ASSERT must be defined to enable it, by default, no spatial assertion check is performed.
file  spatial_assign.hpp [code]
 Defines the spatial::details::assign() function, which is pretty much the same thing as the C++11 std::tie() function.
file  spatial_bidirectional.hpp [code]
 Defines the base bidirectional iterators.hpp.
file  spatial_builtin.hpp [code]
 Defines the set of meta-programing types to find if a comparator is built-in or not.
file  spatial_check_concept.hpp [code]
 This file contains the definition of the enable_if trick for spatial.
file  spatial_closed_region.hpp [code]
 Contains the definition of spatial::closed_region_iterator.
file  spatial_compress.hpp [code]
 Contains the definition of the Compress utility as well as the description for the spatial::details namespace.
file  spatial_condition.hpp [code]
 Defines spatial::details::condition meta programing type.
file  spatial_enclosed_region.hpp [code]
 Contains the definition of spatial::enclosed_region_iterator.
file  spatial_equal.hpp [code]
 Contains the definition of the equal iterators.
file  spatial_euclidian_neighbor.hpp [code]
file  spatial_except.hpp [code]
 Defines except that are being thrown by the library.
file  spatial_import_tuple.hpp [code]
 Contains the macro to pull certain "tuple" dependancies into the spatial::import namespace.
file  spatial_import_type_traits.hpp [code]
 Contains the macro to pull certain "type_traits" dependancies into the spatial::import namespace.
file  spatial_kdtree.hpp [code]
 Kdtree class is defined in this file and its implementation is in the corresponding *.tpp file.
file  spatial_manhattan_neighbor.hpp [code]
file  spatial_mapping.hpp [code]
 Contains the definition of spatial::details::minimum_mapping and spatial::details::maximum_mapping.
file  spatial_math.hpp [code]
 Gather in one file all the mathematical operations, mainly for the metric types.
file  spatial_mutate.hpp [code]
 Defines spatial::details::mutate meta-programing type.
file  spatial_neighbor.hpp [code]
 Contains the definition of euclidian neighbor iterators.
file  spatial_node.hpp [code]
 Defines the basic nodes and associated iterators.
file  spatial_open_region.hpp [code]
 Contains the definition of spatial::open_region_iterator.
file  spatial_ordered.hpp [code]
 Contains the definition of spatial::ordered_iterator.
file  spatial_overlap_region.hpp [code]
 Contains the definition of spatial::overlap_region_iterator.
file  spatial_preorder.hpp [code]
 Defines all operations needed to walk the tree in preorder fashion.
file  spatial_quadrance_neighbor.hpp [code]
file  spatial_rank.hpp [code]
 Defines spatial::details::Static_rank and spatial::details::Dynamic_rank as well as associated functions on rank.
file  spatial_region.hpp [code]
 Contains the definition of spatial::region_iterator.
file  spatial_relaxed_kdtree.hpp [code]
 Defines a k-d tree with a relaxed invariant.
file  spatial_template_member_swap.hpp [code]
 Defines the template member swap function that is optimized for empty base types.
file  spatial_value_compare.hpp [code]
 Define the ValueCompare class.